Race to the White House

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Civil Rights

Vernon Dahmer, Jr. speaks
about voting rights and
his father's murder

Interview with Filmmaker

KTVU Oakland-SF meets Director Eric Paul Fournier

Mississippi Primary

Former Gov. Ray Mabus,
Max and Ted Kennedy
stump for Obama

Campaigning in
San Francisco

Andrew works hard as Super Tuesday approaches

About the Film
Since Senator Barack Obama announced his bid for the presidency, racial questions have figured more prominently in American discourse than at any time since the height of the Civil Rights movement. Two-time Emmy... Award-winning filmmaker Eric Paul Fournier's new documentary follows the President Elect's bid for the highest office during this unparalleled moment in American history.
The film takes an unblinking look at the 2008 presidential contest and the issue of race as Barack Obama campaigned through the primaries and general election from state to state uncovering a rich tapestry of view points varying from deep racial misgivings on the part of people of all colors, frightening instances of ignorance and bigotry, as well as unprecedented hope for new "post-racial" possibilities and a true sense of change in racial attitudes. Race to the White House (working title) addresses where are we as a country nearly fifty years after the start of the Civil Rights movement and what Barack Obama's election says about the America we currently live in.